Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mamie Eisenhower's Pumpkin Chiffon Pie!


  1. Any relation to the past president's wife? A great post for the day before Thanksgiving.

  2. Yes, Mamie Eisenhower was the wife of past U.S. president General Dwight D. ("Ike") Eisenhower. She presided as First Lady from 1953 to 1961!

  3. I remember when there were all sorts of chiffon pie recipes. This is a fun one!


  4. My very FAVORITE Pie. My recipe came from my Gramma....wonder if she got it from Miss Mamie???

    Happy Thanksgiving, Sweet C!

    Love, Rebecca

  5. I'm really pleased that this recipe is on the Internet. I lost my copy ages ago. My mother got it out of a newspaper, I think, in the 1950s. I haven't made it in more than twenty years but will make one tomorrow.

  6. My mother, bless her, prepared this recipe for many
    years at Thanksgiving.Indeed her recipe credited
    the First Lady, as she had said she had acquired it from a magazine article. Am planning to prepare
    this for my family this year. ThankYou

  7. A friend who doesn't cook asked me to make this pie for her and after reading the recipe, I told her I was concerned that the recipe is using RAW EGG WHITES which are folded into the pumpkin mixture and refrigerated. I know this recipe is from the 50's, but I was wondering if egg beaters or something else could be used. I wouldn't want my friend to get sick from eating raw egg whites. I have seen other recipes that call for whipping cream instead of egg whites. I just didn't feel this was a safe recipe to make.


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