Friday, March 12, 2010

Favorite Buns!


  1. Coralie, the recipe sounds great and I bet they are delicious! My grandmother cooked and baked with lard and it indeed gives everything a distinct delicious flavor. Have a good day! Pam

  2. Sounds wonderful! I've never used lard. I know it is supposed to be very bad for you, but once in a great while it wouldn't hurt, would it? ;)

  3. I remember when lard was a staple in everyone's grandmother's kitchen. My mom never used it and I haven't either. It did make baked goods taste so good, but the thought of it doesn't really appeal anymore does it?

  4. What would one use I wonder instead of lard?
    My mom always used lard for piecrusts, oh my, it made such a difference, that is missing in today's pies. It was such an odd looking package in the refrig...remember?

    Lard is good food. I always use to make pie crusts and certain cookies. Also when I cook gamy lean meat like rabbit or venison.


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