Thursday, April 29, 2010

Italian Spedinis!


  1. Well, these are interesting. I won't use Crisco for anything anymore. I haven't in with my luck, the roundsteak would stay tough. In other words, I won't put this one on my "to do" list:)

  2. Very intriguing. That recipe definitely reflects a time when grocery selections were more limited than today.
    I think olive oil instead of Crisco. I'd also add some garlic and a sprinkle of fresh parsely before rolling them up. I have a large rosemary hedge, so sometimes cut of long stems for skewers - this is just the kind of recipe for an "herb skewer". I've also made skewers of overgrown oregano branches - great with chicken kebabs. Obviously, if my herbs grow into shrubs, I live in a relatively mild climate. Visualize this concept with with lamb!


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