Thursday, April 22, 2010

$25 Cake!


  1. Oh, coming here always makes me hungry... This cake sounds like it would be delicious!! :) Silke

  2. 425° oven? Isn't that rather hot? mmmm.. chocolate!

  3. Chocolate and favorite combination!

  4. Wonder if the oven is so hot because of the egg whites? Wonder if this is almost like a torte?
    That's a lot of baking powder, the heat would make it rise fast. Wonder if it's to be made in an angel food cake pan. Just trying to figure the oddities out in this recipe.
    Wonder why it's called $25 cake?
    I bet it's really good!

  5. We have a family recipe called $20 Cake, and it's because it won a prize in that amount, which was a LOT of $$ at the time.


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