Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dumplings for PINK SATURDAY Stew!

Please join me as a FOLLOWER for FREE 50's Recipes! I'll be posting many many more on a daily basis! Copy and save or clip all you want...all FREE...all 50's...all FUN! Enjoy these FAMILY FAVORITES!

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  1. I came over because you invited me, sugar, and I've never made dumplings, but hubs has always been after me to do it. Welllll, now I have a recipe to do it so I'm going to make them for him next week. Scrumptious sounding, chick!

  2. Oh, to step back into my mom's kitchen in Baldwin, Long Island. With the chrome trimmed kitchen table with the formica top, the corner build-in with white milk glass and my Kennel Rashion Yellow dog face cookie jar. These recipes are wonderful Coralie. Lovely idea. And as Paris Hilton says right now "it's hot" to be into Vintage.
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  3. We love to put dumplings in soup! Thanks for sharing this recipe. Warm wishes, Esther

  4. Ooooo, wonderful dumplings, one of my favorites.
    Happy Pinks to you..and now I will skedaddle over to see your post on your other blog.

  5. Yum, sounds good, Coralie. What a cute idea for PS.
    Thanks for sharing this recipe. :) Nancy


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