Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spice Pudding!


  1. Suet? I think this sounds like something the birds might like more than I would!

  2. Served with brandy hard sauce! (Basic butter cream frosting with a splash of brandy or bourbon works fine.) Also serve with a bit of stilton cheese and a glass of port. Hey, I thought it was too many flavors until I tried it. YUM
    Nowadays when people think of suet, they visualize the rancid crap sold in bricks for birds. Good suet from a reliable butcher is fine. (Good for birds too!) I have heard that one can substitute butter and crisco. But suet has a special quality: when the suet melts gradually in a traditional steamed pudding, it leaves little cavities in the pudding, making it lighter. Suet pudding should be served warm because the fat congeals when it is cold.
    I think to get the same affect with butter or shortening, you need to use flour and a bit of leavening and work the shortening/butter into the dry ingredients. (Like pastry).
    Because of the properties of the fats- suet vs butter or shortening - how it's made makes a difference.

  3. this recipe is vaguely familiar. When I was really little, my mother would take me to a state-run child daycare center while she was at work. I seem to remember eating this there!!! Thanks for the recipe :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)


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