Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beef Bourguignonne!


  1. My mom used to make this. I never buy round steak...I should do this. My husband would love it.

  2. Just like Julia's! Bet this one is a real keeper!

  3. I love to braise beef in wine. Loaded with flavour. Traditionally, the meat and veggies are browned in bacon fat. yumm... beef mushrooms and lashings of gravy on a cold day!
    Once, a hunter gave me lots of venison bones and I made "venison bourguignon". (I went light on the wine to preserve the gamy flavour which I like. ) That was really tasty! It's deer season and a great way to use up tough bambi cuts.

  4. HA HA, I realize I'm always saying "brown this or that in bacon fat or lard" but when you use good quality bacon or if you render your own pork fat, your drippin's jar is loaded with flavor. I'm sure all the church ladies collecting these recipes saved rendered fat for extra flavor. Be warned: I'm going to cook ducks for Xmas, so I'll soon be dropping hints about browning things in duck fat.


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